Driven by digital

We are a team of specialists who are passionate about enabling digital growth! Through the provision of tools and services that create agility and efficiency, we strive for digital excellence.

Digital commerce is the future. That means companies are in need of digital specialists. Being digital is the ticket to play.

We believe in talent and personality traits, and we provide a platform based on real business value for our customers and real learning for our team. We really believe that we can create a digital win/win.

About us

Geni is a group of digital specialists. We have merged the "geeks" from two worlds. By putting together tech experts and online marketing fanatics, we have created an ecosystem of specialists who are passionate about enabling digital growth.

Our core focus is to solve our customers' digital problems by developing a technical platform with state of the art tools.

This, combined with our long experience in both tech and online marketing, enables us to provide a fully functional digital agency for any customer who deals with digital commerce.

We believe that when you do something you're good at with likeminded people,you can reach the highest performance level possible. Here at Geni we strive to achieve our highest performance level by setting clear goals and putting together a strong team of motivated and passionate colleagues.

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