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Geni Data

With Geni Data we offer software and services that provide your company with unique insights into your markets and categories.

We help you analyse the market, you are striving to take over, so that you have the best opportunities to perform and succeed.

Geni Minds

We believe in talent and personality! With Geni Minds we put an effort into the development of digital talents to prepare them for  the ecommerce future. With our long experience in digital commerce, we have helped many people go from talents to specialists. Geni Minds is talentspotting and personal development, and we can help you spot the best people for your ecommerce project. Minds deliver talents for usage across the group.

Geni Solutions

If you want to be prepared for the hyper growth of the ecommerce world, then you should consider Geni Solutions. Based on open source and custom technologies, we create ecommerce software that is scalable and ready for the real life of digital commerce. Our current business areas include: Ecommerce Microservices for campaign management and price monitoring, Selveo our ecommerce backend, and several ecommerce frontend platforms

Geni Automate

When choosing Geni Automate, you tap into the advantages of microservice technology that enables employees to cooperate easier, and to automate repetitive work.

Want to make life easier for yourself and your employees?

With Geni Automate, we help you take care of your internal flows and processes through microservice technology.


GeniAds is your way to professional and experienced online marketing. Your digital marketing is in good hands if you choose Geni Marketing for your next project. Our experienced marketing team ensure transparent digital marketing with a foundation in technology.

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